Project Description

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Model No.CV108
Input VoltageDC 12V
Working Power60W
FunctionWet & Dry
Light1 LED
Attachment3 pieces
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  • Built-in LED light for night use
  • Flexible hose to reach any angle
  • Lightweight design to do the vacuum job easily
  • Ideal for clean up jobs in your car, truck, SUV or van

This 60 Watt Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light is the best seller in our manufacturer which produces 200k units per year. It’s powered by the 12V cigarette lighter of your vehicle, and it features a 9-foot cord to reach the backseat or trunk. It provides a large suction power as 18kPa, which can clean the dirt, mud or crumbs. It comes along with 3 attachments, the flex hose, brush attachment, crevice tool. They can great to clean up the carpet and slot places. The automatic switch ON LED light will help you see the dirt below the seat and vacuum it. High powered cleaning in a lightweight design with a wide variety of tools makes one of the best car vacuum cleaners. This machine has a large dust bin as 150mL, rotate 90 degrees to open it and empty the trash.